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 HT Digital is the evolution of optical definition. With better resolution from its origin and higher optical quality, now the lenses are HD.


 The technology that compensates for the aberrations produced by a lens due to its position of use. This consists in a precise data entry process where all the wearer measurements such as interpupillary distance (IPD), panoramic angle (ZTILT), vertex distance (BVD) and pantoscopic tilt (PANTO) are stored. Consequently, this technoogy enable us to produce lenses that fit you as a quality custom made suit.



 Intelligent calculation technology for the optimization and reduction of thickness for all kind of frames, shapes and materials. This takes into account the frame geometric shape (All points that form the circumference – TRCFMT) to achieve 40% thickness reduction when finishing the carving process.



A technology developed in order to thin the borders or center of an ophthalmic lens.
An optic zone is defined around the frame cross, and then, away from this zone, the thickness is reduced with a gradual change of curvature in order to obtain a thinner lens.
This gradual change in curvature can be selected in versions STRONG or MODERADO, depending specially on the power of the lens and the shape of the frame.

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