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All-in-one lenses

A Brand New Concept 

At HT Opti Lab we are proud to be the pioneers to introduce a brand new concept to the American market, the All-In-One Lenses. It combines all features needed for the modern customers, making it an easier presentation for the optical to sell in a simplified manner. The All-In-One Lenses give your modern customer all the features needed in everyday life without sacrificing one for another.


  • Photochromatic lens darkens in the sun and adjusts to the level of UV light, from clear while indoors to dark while in daylight. 
  • Special Hard coating adds a better durability to the lens.
  • Lighter and thinner lens creates a more aesthetic look for higher prescriptions.
  • Polycarbonate material produces a better safety lens.
  • BlueShield provides protection and gives comfort while using with electronics.

A Competitive Price 

Our All-In-One Lenses are available at a competitive price, better than any product customized to meet the same needs with other competitors, whether it is a stock lens or a made-to-order surfaced lens. The lenses are available in Single Vision, Bifocal, and our HT Digital Progressives to be able to fill more than 80% of prescriptions. Our All-In-One Lenses are also available in digital designs through our technology which allows us to design personalized high-tech progressive lenses, bifocal lenses and semi-invisible lenses through Freeform technology. Another advantage in our technology is the reduction of the edges in prescriptions for myopia greater than -5.00 diopters, which will reduce up to an additional 20% of the thick edges of the lens.

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